Officer wrongly thought Rishi already dead

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An officer wrongly concluded the 17-year-old Rishi instantly died from a police bullet last November in The Hague Hollands Spoor station.The police officer was convinced the victim was already deceased. A minute and a half after the shot, two officers still started CPR. Ambulance Staff arrived nine minutes later and noted the boy was still alive. He still passed away after arrival in the hospital.

The Public Prosecutor (OM) in The Hague announced this conclusion of the National Criminal Investigation Department on Wednesday.

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The officer thought the man from The Hague was already deceased, partly because of the unnatural posture and facial expression of the victim. The Public Prosecutor has no reason to doubt this statement, partly because of the camera footage of the incident.

The criminal investigation department also states the police in its entirety quickly and effectively offered help.

The police were alerted because Rishi reportedly threatened an Englishman in the waiting area. Two officers in uniform and one plainclothes approached Rishi on one of the platforms.

Instead of listening to police orders to stop and show his hands, he took off running. The police shot him down. The officer is being prosecuted, and the case is expected to serve on December 9.

Immediately after the shot the victim fell and remained motionless. The officer went over to the victim and reported to his colleagues Rishi was dead. He did this without checking the mouth or the nose for signs of breathing, according to the criminal investigation department. Officers who arrived 1.5 minutes later, began performing CPR. The officer who fired the shot, assisted.

Michel van Stratum, lawyer to the family of Rishi, viewed the footage of the incident on Wednesday. He was shocked to see that none of the three officers actually provided assistance and that Rishi was left to fend for himself.

Van Stratum does not know yet if he acquiesces in the decision of the prosecutor. He wants to first study the report.