Commission examines A2 exploitation

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A special committee will investigate whether foreigners are exploited during the construction of the A2 tunnel in Maastricht, reported alderman Albert Nuss (PvdA) on Monday to the council.The committee overseeing the construction, sought clarification this past weekend after reports of exploitation.  Based on own research local newspaper De Limburger reported Saturday that Polish and Portuguese workers pay steep prices monthly for housing in condemned buildings along the highway.

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The committee will ask for clarification from the main contractor, Avenue2, who promised earlier it will examine the reports.

Local newspaper De Limburger published an article, based on own research, stating dozens of Portuguese and Polish workers who work on the construction of the A2 tunnel in Maastricht are exploited.

The employer of the foreign workers withholds a monthly amount of 986.75 euros net for logistics costs, but the real cost of housing and transport only adds up to 250 euro per month, according to the newspaper.