Homes with solar panels appealing

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44 percent of the Dutch prefer to buy a home with solar panels over one without.One out of three is willing to pay more for a home with panels, averaging about 4,000 euros. This is evidenced by a study from Motivication, commissioned by Natuur en Milieu (Nature and Environment) of which the results were presented in the VARA-program Vroege Vogels on Sunday.

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Slightly more people (46 percent) think that a house is worth more with solar panels. Thirty percent of them believe that the house even increases in value with at least five thousand euros.

Solar panels earn the investment back double. It is cheaper than electricity from a utility company, and potential buyers are willing to pay more for a house with solar panels,  according to Olof van der Gaag of Nature and Environment.

The return on investment in solar panels (about five thousand euros) is at least three times higher compared to securing the money in a bank account, and is recovered in ten years while the lifespan is at least 25 years, according to the organization.

The study was commissioned by Nature & Environment and conducted by Motivication among 722 Dutch between thirty and seventy years.