Father and 'kidnapped' son from Suriname back in Netherlands

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The father, who picked up his 7-year-old son from school in Paramaribo, returned to The Netherlands with his son, on Sunday, reports program maker John van den Heuvel.For the RTL-program Ontvoerd (kidnapped), he assisted the father in reuniting with his son.

Father and son departed from French-Guyana, adjacent to Suriname, to Paris and from there on to The Netherlands, after they got a passport for the boy from the Dutch Embassy.

Ian Mackenzie
Wikimedia commons

The Surinamese police had requested the border patrol to be on the lookout for the father,  because he is accused of 'unlawful detention'.

Van den Heuvel is not a suspect in the case, but that can change. The departure of father and son does not mean the case is closed. The police will consider which legal steps to take to get the boy back, reports a police spokesperson.

Extradition of the father to Suriname is not possible, because he has the Dutch nationality. The Surinamese Prosecutor may well ask the Dutch authorities to prosecute the man reports the official.

One can not blame the police because the father was able to leave the country with his son, because Suriname's border on the east side is made up by the Marowijne river. The area is very vast and there is no way to control it all.

Because father and son have a Dutch passport, they could enter French-Guyana, a province of France, without any problems.

According to Van den Heuvel the father did not kidnap the child. He has custody of the boy. The mother, who took the child to Suriname, passed away three years ago. The grandparents then took him in and applied for custody. There are active lawsuits on this issue, both in Suriname and in The Netherlands.