De Grittenborgh prison now empty


De Grittenborgh prison in Hoogeveen is empty, starting this morning. The last six detainees have been transferred to Veenhuizen.The Grittenborgh, one of the most modern prisons in the Netherlands, has closed its doors on orders of Secretary Teeven. The prison is 25 years old.

One of the measures Teeven takes to implement cutbacks is to close 19 prisons and three so-called tbs-clinics.

Jos van Zetten
Wikimedia commons

The prisons formally close on January 1st next year, but in Hoogeveen, the closure is already complete. The closure of the Grittenborgh and nearby secure hospital Veldzicht cost 700 people their jobs.

Teeven does not follow through on his promise to help the employees to new jobs, according to FNV employee Brine. 200 people so far found new jobs on a temporary basis. In a shrinking region one can not easily find a job, says Brine.

The RGD has no new use for the building that is now empty.