Sites inaccessible due to outage

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Due to a power outage in a data center at Schiphol some Dutch sites are inaccessible. The  service interruption at Easynet company started this morning. It is unknown how many sites are affected.Several companies that manage their sites through Easynet, announced over Twitter they can not be reached. Entrepreneurs also complain they miss out on sales, because people can't order online. For example, hotels can not take any online reservations.

Guillaume Paumier
Wikimedia commons

Because a number of hosting companies works with Easynet , the sites of their clients are also unreachable. For now those sites are redirected.

Data centers include web servers among other things and are often equipped with emergency generators. It is unknown whether Easynet had one.

How much longer the service interruption will last is not clear. According to Easynet engineers are working to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, the company can not be reached by phone, because of the power failure.


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