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The Utrecht University calls for a periodic inspection for pets. According to the University Clinic for Companion Animals (UKG) there is too little attention for cancer in animals. We noticed we are only called upon when the cancer is already in a very late stage, states surgeon Jolle Kirpensteijn of the UKG.Nowadays there are more and better ways to identify diseases in animals quickly. Early detection of problems can prevent a lot of suffering. A regular visit to the vet is important. After all, you go to the dentist once a year too, states Kirpensteijn.

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According to the clinic about 180,000 animal die every year from cancer. An annual inspection costs the owner about 50 euros per pet per year.

This Friday is World Animal Day. The UKG organizes  'animal cancer day'. People who would like to have their cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla to name a few, inspected, can have that done for free by the  specialists of the Cancer Center for Animals. If the pet does turn out to be sick, the treatment costs are borne by the owner.