CDA Wins In Poll

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If there would be elections now, the CDA would get 17 seats in the House. These are the results of the weekly poll by Maurice de Hond.

This is the influence of the budget discussions of last week in the House. The CDA  won one seat, the VVD lost one seat. Virtually CDA would have now only one seat less then the VVD.

In the House the situation is very different. VVD has 41 seats and CDA 13 only.

PVV and SP showed no changes with last week’s poll. PVV has virtually 33 seats and SP 24. Also D66 stayed the same with 19 virtual seats. In the House PVV, SP and D66 have 15, 15 and 12 seats.

The PvdA was also not affected by the budget discussions and keeps the low number of 10 virtual seats opposite the 38 seats in the House.

The coalition should, with elections held this week, only have 28 seats in the House, which is an all time low. Among the test group of de Hond, one could say that there is not much confidence in the government.

According to the Hond about half of the voters would have supported the motion of no-confidence, which the PVV submitted during the budget discussions. 40% Of the people who voted at the last elections for VVD and PvdA would have supported the motion. Only 10% of the people who voted for D66 and CDA would have supported the motion. In the House was not much support for the motion.