If necessary, we sleep in the lobby

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The Oad travelers in the Plaza Beach Hotel in Marmaris Turkey can at least sleep in their room tonight and eat in the hotel, reported Monique Samaille, one of the travelers in Radio 1 news.Earlier, the 22 hotel guests received a letter requesting they pay their dues in cash before they left the hotel. The amounts due varied between 300 and 1600 euros. Otherwise they would have to leave the hotel, according to Samaille.

Apparently Oad did not pay in full and a substantial amount is still owed, ranging from 8,000 to 9,000 euros, which the hotel wants the 22 guests to pay for.

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A Turkish woman, who interpreted for the Dutch explained to the manager and director of the hotel he can turn to the guarantee fund SGR for payment. However, one way or the other, it does not seem to work, according to Samaille. The hotel management has no confidence they will receive payment if not from the customers.

The 22 guests refuse to make payments or to leave the hotel. If necessary they will sleep in the lobby. Tonight at least, that will not be necessary.

Other Oad-travelers in Turkey also report problems. The Heidenreich family in Konakli is faced with a bill of almost 2,000 euros, otherwise they may not leave the hotel. They are at their wit's end and called every known number they could find, reports the NOS.

Earlier travel agent TUI advised travelers who made reservations through Oad, not to pay out-of-pocket for their hotel abroad. The SGR website features a text in English that explains the situation.

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