No trust in education agreement

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Teachers and school principals have little confidence in the National Education Agreement that was concluded last week between the government and the Education Foundation.  This is evident from research by DUO Education Research Office under a thousand teachers and principals in primary and secondary education.In primary education, 11 percent is positive about the agreement, 36 percent is negative, and 53 percent remains neutral.

In secondary education, confidence is even lower. Only 6 percent is positive and 61 percent is negative.

Only a small minority sees the agreement as a major investment in the quality of education.

Teachers and school principals especially have little confidence the workload and administrative burden can be reduced.

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Education union Aob has not signed the agreement. Most teachers and directors sympathize.

The study also shows that confidence in Minister Bussemaker and State Secretary Dekker has decreased. In primary education only half the members still have confidence in the Minister and State Secretary on Education, in secondary education that is only a third.

D66, which stresses the need for investment in education, does well with the teachers and school principals. If only would primary education would vote, D66 would get 43 seats, and secondary education would even get the party 62 seats.