Kidnapped Sjaak Rijke on video

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A video surfaced of the Dutch Sjaak Rijke and six other hostages, who were kidnapped by al-Qaeda . Rijke was kidnapped two years ago in Mali. The other hostages are four Frenchmen, a Swede and a South African.The French were kidnapped in September 2010. Rijke was forcibly taken from a restaurant in Timbuktu a year later, together with the South African and Swedish . A fourth man, a German, refused to go. He was shot and killed in the restaurant.

The images show the men wearing kaftans like the Tuareg and they have beards. The kidnapped men say they are in good health, but they are threatened with death. They beg their government to negotiate their release.

One of the French says his life is endangered by the bombing of the French army. He refers to the deployment of French troops to the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali.

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The video, which was recorded in June, was sent to the Malian news agency ANI, in celebration of the anniversary of the abduction of the French.

In the interest of the safety of the hostages and stakeholders, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not confirm the existence of the video. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has done just that.

The video is being analyzed. A first analysis, according to a spokesman for the French Ministry, already proved that it was indeed the hostages, and that we can consider the message as a new sign of life.

Relatives of the French hostages held a march today through Paris to ask attention for the matter . They started at 03.00 am this morning, the exact time the French hostages were kidnapped. The march ended at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where they offered a petition, signed by 12,000 supporters.

In July and August last year videos also appeared in which the hostages insisted on their release.