Expensive daycare results in shrinking work force

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Parents work less because day care is becoming increasingly expensive, according to a survey by the FNV  (Federatie  Nederlandse  Vakbeweging) (Dutch Trade Union) and the foundation for Working Parents. One out of four couples have cut hours and in some cases a parent stopped working altogether.Usually one parent sacrifices five to eight hours of working time. Eighty percent of the parents who work less indicate the high daycare costs as a reason.

Only yesterday Minister Asscher (Social Affairs) reported that, although the use of daycare shows a decline, most parents continue to work as much as before. Asscher blames the decline in childcare primarily on the crisis.

Grant Barrett
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The FNV poll found that forty percent of all parents with children make less use of childcare. Apart from the high costs parents also worry about the quality of care.

The cuts in childcare result in bigger groups and more changes in staffing.

The FNV and the foundation for Working Parents want Asscher to come up with a vision for combining work and care. They also call for new investments in child care.