Water board takes measures after heavy rainfall

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The Rijn en IJssel water board took measures on Wednesday, after the Achterhoekse Aalten saw heavy rainfall.An emergency overflow area in Bredevoort is primed to drain off water from the Boven-Slinge  if necessary, says a representative.

The Achterhoek was plagued by an extreme amount of rainfall on Monday and Tuesday. The water level in the Boven-Slinge rose to 40.65 meters above sea level. If it rains again on Wednesday and the levels increase to 40.80 meters, the board will open a dam to fill up the reduction reservoir at the Slinge waters.

Bart Everson

The board gave notice to the owners of pastures in the overflow area. A sheep farmer has to re-locate his animals. Farmers receive a compensation if the area is flooded.

The Slinge waters emergency overflow area has never been used in the summer. In the past two days Achterhoek has seen more rain than it normally does in a whole month.