Baobab And Summum Get Restart

The bankrupt travel companies Baobab Travel and Travel Summum get a restart. Sawadee Travel announced on Thursday to take over both travel agencies.

Baobab and Summum were part of Terra Travel, which was bankrupt last. In late August the organization reported to the Travel Compensation Fund (SGR) that it could no longer meet its financial obligations.

Sawadee thinks that  about five employees of Baobab can have a job in the new organization. The new group of travel agencies offer more than 180 tours to 70 destinations. For the travelers who have previously booked with the banrupt travel agencies, Sawadee has scheduled additional dates for trips to offer an appropriate alternative for the customers.

Sawadee Travel is part of the PEAK Adventure Travel Group and organizes, since 1983,  group adventure tours to particular destinations.