Dozens of damage reports after quake Groningen

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The Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij  (NAM) (Dutch Oil Company) in Assen received 55 damage reports on Wednesday after an earthquake in the Groninger Zeerijp, with a magnitude of 2.8 on the Richter scale.Most of the claims come from the area around Loppersum. It is not the first time that Loppersum is hit by earthquakes. It is generally assumed that the earthquakes are caused by gas drilling in the area. The quake was felt between Bedum, Delfzijl and Uithuizen.

cracked wall

The reports mostly concern cracks in walls and damage to stucco work. There are new claims, but also reports of older damage that worsened by the new quake.

The NAM receives damage reports as a result of gas drilling, on a daily basis. Unfortunately, as a result, we can't be sure that these 55 claims are due to the most recent quake, says a NAM spokesperson.

Since the heavy quake in Huizinge, in August last year, NAM received over 9100 reports of damage. So far, appraiser rated 6,728 of those. Over 2,700 are completely handled.

The NAM still needs to look into the rest. In the past they have already deployed additional appraisers.