VPRO appeals smoke fine

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The VPRO is appealing the fine of Euro 600 by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) (Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Authoriteit). The reason for the fine is in the first episode of Zomergasten on July 28, in which comedian Hans Teeuwen was smoking on TV.

Editor Peter van Ingen speaks of a surreal discussion. The NVWA did not, on site, in the studio, find that Hans Teeuwen was smoking a cigarette. The accusation is based on television images. Even more so, it relies on complaints from viewers who saw  Hans Teeuwen smoke on television.

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The only fact that can be concluded is that, what was shown on the television looked like Hans Teeuwen smoking a cigarette, says Van Ingen. It will be interesting to learn whether the image of a man smoking justifies a fine of Euro 600, says Van Inger on the VPRO website.

The site posted a video clip of a visit of inspectors from NVWA. Together with editor Peter van Ingen they view an ashtray and the studio where the broadcast came from. The film is accompanied by a song from Boudewijn de Groot, " Als de rook uit je hoofd is verdwenen" (When the smoke is gone from your head).