Noord Holland Against Super Province

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The province of Noord Holland is against the plans for the merger of Utrecht, Noord Holland and Flevoland into a super province. This wrote the Provincial Executives of Noord Holland on Thursday in response to the plans of the government.

In December last year the Provincial Executives of the province did not oppose the initial plans to create a northern super province. Because the bill of Minister Ronald Plasterk (Interior Affairs) is, according to the Provincial Executives, insufficiently substantiated, they  now believe that the government has to do its homework again. The current proposal, which was submitted by Plasterk on June 17,  is therefore rejected by the province.

Plasterk wants to merge the three provinces so that they can cooperate on issues such as housing, nature and infrastructure. He also expects savings of about 70 million per year.

Among residents of the three counties, MPs as well as administrators of the provinces there is much opposition to the merger plan. Utrecht therefore held a poll among about 4,000 people. The results of this survey will be published in the next 2 weeks. Flevoland was previously known to see little in the merger.

In the spring Minister Plasterk indicated that if the attempts to form five super provinces during the term of this government fail, that the next 30 years there will not be looked at the provincial governments.