Operating room Breda hospital safe once again

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The Operating rooms of the Breda Amphia Hospital are safe once again. A healthcare inspection today showed that staff clearly follow protocols and guidelines.In late July the Inspectorate observed there were too many staffing changes, and transfers from one service to the next were too unstructured. Also the mandatory double-check procedure when creating and administering medications was not always applied. News on the shortcomings in the hospital leaked to the media last week.

Amphia hospital
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After investigation the hospital came up with a plan for improvement, says CEO Olof Suttorp. Our staff and medical specialists worked very hard. The Healthcare Inspectorate took note and ruled positively, says Suttorp.

Among other things the hospital provides more training sessions for their staff and enforces protocol adherence more strictly. At no point were patients in the Breda hospital in any danger.