Government: 11 Facebook requests

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Over the past six months The Dutch government has requested data from Facebook 11 times from a total of 15 users. A transparency report from this social networking site reveals this information.Compared to other countries, the number of Dutch requests is minimal. Belgium submitted 150 data requests and Great Britain a total of 2,000.

Facebook honored four out of the eleven requests from the Dutch government, surrendering user data (36%). The Belgians saw 70% of their requests honored and 68% of the British requests were also approved. For some countries, such as Bangladesh and Malaysia, all the requests were denied.

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Facebook refuses many requests, for instance in cases of legal defects or if the request involves the release of too much information. When obligated to comply with a specific request, they often share only general user data, such as a name, says Facebook.

The social-networking site hopes to provide more openness in the future, for example when it receives requests for information from law enforcement .