Criticism on unlimited drinks

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A night club in Arnhem served unlimited (alcoholic) beverages to youth for a fixed price this past month. The price was Euro 15 for men and Euro 12.50 for women at club The Level. The entrepreneur wanted to increase sales volume.The Arnhem fraction of the Christen Unie is angered and raised the issue with city council. STAP (the Dutch Institution for alcohol policy) is also very unhappy with such actions. Director Wim van Dalen is very sorry that an entrepreneur puts the health of young people at risk in such a way. Young people are actually provoked to drink. STAP goes on to say that the entrepreneur is only interested in his own benefit at the cost of other people's health.

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Van Dalen hopes the mayor will take action. The responsibility for compliance with the licensing and catering act lies with him.

On January 1st the minimum age for alcohol consumption will go up from 16 to 18. Night club The Level fears their sales will collapse significantly. The nightclubs industry is already struggling, says Paul Hu, manager of The Level. He expects it to get even worse. This way at least he sells as much of his stock as he can.