Broiler chicken consumption unavoidable

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73% of the product range of chicken meat sold by supermarkets consists of broiler chicken meat. Wakker Dier, a foundation that advocates for the wellbeing of animals, draws this conclusion after studying over 724 chicken products from the 10 largest supermarket chains.

According to Wakker Dier the consumer is about forced to eat inhumane meat. When it comes to chicken drumsticks, chicken wings or chicken schnitzel there is rarely an animal friendly choice.

According to the study the supermarket chains Lidl, Hoogvliet, Jumbo en C1000 performed the worst, while Albert Heijn and Coop en Deen offered better choices.

Broiler chickens are a product from the bio-industry and grow extremely fast, often as a result of  an overdose of antibiotics


Broiler house,
By Joe Valbuena (USDA) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons