NL: No.3 Study Destination in Europe

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Based on the latest study by, the Netherlands ranks no. 3 in study destinations in Europe for international students.

Universiteit van Amsterdam
Photo by Podzemnik/Wikimedia Commons

The Annual Study in Europe Interest Monitor prioritized trends in information on the sites, including the number of visitors and their countries of origins as well as the countries and study programs they look for. Data was gathered for the 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic years.

European and non-European students selected the Netherlands as third in their list of study destinations. European students seemed most fascinated in studying in the United Kingdom, followed by Germany. The Netherlands came out third, trailing behind Germany by only 1%.

Likewise, non-European students favor the Netherlands as their third most accepted study destination. Germany came on top while United Kingdom placed second.

Interest in studying in the Netherlands has increased by 29% relative to the 2012 data while interest in studying in Europe has boosted by about 34%.

Source: Euro Gates