Andre Rieu 2013 Maastricht Concert

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André Rieu, recognized as “The King of Waltz,”holds a series of concerts in his home town, Maastricht each year.

André Rieu performing at the Rockerfeller Plaza, New York in June 6, 2010
Photo by Asterix611, shared by Bill in Arizona/flickr

Thousands of fans attend his performances in a stunning medieval setting, Maastricht. Rieu plays with his famed Johann Strauss Orchestra, his Soprano’s, Tenors and a number of special guests.

His Maastricht gigs are his most well-liked concerts of the year. Diehard fans from abroad come to the Netherlands just to witness his live shows.

Rieu gave a message for all of his fans: “If you can’t join us in Maastricht, we will come to you. It is going to be a magical event with some very special guests. Come and enjoy the music on the big screen in the comfort of your local cinema.”

2013 is set to become his largest and most impressive concert yet in cinemas. An interview with the Dutch violinist will be done after the show.