Rotterdam to Host New Dredging Event

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The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) has announced the changes at Europort 2013 with a new event called the CEDA Forum.

The CEDA Forum will replace the standard Dredging Days 2013.

Rotterdam will host the ‘Dredging in a Changing World’.
Photo by Quistnix/Wikimedia Commons

Featuring the event’s theme ‘Dredging in a Changing World’, CEDA Forum will focus on a couple of interactive workshops on November 7, 2013 at Ahoy Rotterdam, Rotterdam.

The first one, ‘Working under exotic circumstances’ will be the morning workshop. Speakers will be service-providers who have hands-on experience of the hazards and safety measures.

The afternoon session will concentrate on ‘Large marine infrastructure projects and the EU Habitats Directive: lessons learned’. It will include real instances to come up with practical solutions that will be helpful in prospect projects.

All workshops will feature enough time for open dialogues and sharing of opinions. The panelists will come from industry, government, NGOs and academic sectors.

Source: Dredging Today