Opposition Concerned By Social Progress, Unemployment

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Two opposition parties in parliament, CDA and D66, expect clarification from Minister of Social Affairs, Lodewijk Asscher, about the implementation of the social agreement. They are also concerned about the ministry’s speed in tackling unemployment, which now stands at 8.3%. Unemployment has mainly been on the rise since 2011.

''We want it all to be faster, but we are facing complex issues. It’s not possible to resolve it or make the results visible in a matter of a few weeks,'' reacted Asscher. He emphasized that the new laws, including those on resignation, are progressing and will be handled in time by the Tweede Kamer, nu.nl reports.


The cabinet and the social partners came out in April with a comprehensive set of actions related to the future of the labor market.

''There is no clarity on the structure and functioning of labor market regions. No starter step towards a bill around [unemployment benefits] and the subsidy for sector plans is ready. Tackling unfair competition through sham arrangements is also uncertain, "said CDA MP Eddy Hijum.

Steven van Weyenberg of D66 said he is annoyed that the job plan and subsidy regulations, which were supposed to be presented in June, have not been done. “Why does the government linger in combating unemployment?  I don't understand why the government is so lax.''

Asscher stated that the development of the social agreement is on track and the ministry along with social partners are working hard to make progress, according to nu.nl.