WEEK IN REVIEW: August 3-9, 2013

The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features a Muslim man living and celebrating Ramadan in the Netherlands, the findings behind the puzzling death of a rare wolf, Vodafone’s 4G launch, a local museum’s special 3D printed chair, the strange, shifting behaviors of baboons in Emmen Zoo, and some interesting scenes and people at the 2013 Gay Pride.

The Wolves are Coming. Last month, a dead wolf was found in Luttelgeest, Noordoostpolder and could be the first in 150 years. Rumors and hearsay on the death of the rare wolf spread across the country. But now the questions have been answered through a DNA test. Read the Full Story

Eid Mubarak! One Man’s Frisian Ramadan. Ramadan has ended with the Eid al-Fitr holidays. Youssef Nashmi is one of the many Muslims living in the Netherlands.  He tells us the true meaning of Ramadan and shares how Muslims like him live and adapt in the diversely populated country. Read the Full Story

Baboons Emmen at Ease Again. We began the month with a story about a group of hamadryas baboons in Emmen Zoo that alarmed many people after displaying frantic behaviors. However, the baboons have been acting normal again. These changing, odd behaviors remain a mystery. Read the Full Story 

Amsterdam Stands Up For Homosexual Rights in 2013 Gay Pride. This year’s Gay Pride Festival in Amsterdam featured special themes (one in particular was politically motivated). The festival also brought in several popular names and interesting faces to raise awareness and to celebrate gay rights. Read the Full Story

Stedelijk Museum Acquires First 3D Printed Chair. The first 3D printed chair in the world has joined an Amsterdam museum. This ‘special’ piece of furniture is out of the ordinary for many reasons. Read the Full Story

Vodafone NL Launches 4G. Vodafone Netherlands announced its 4G launch in the country. The latest network, the fourth generation of mobile communication technology standards, has a lot to offer. Read the Full Story

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