Health Hazards of a Broken Heart

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National Heart Foundation of Australia’s recent study found that a broken heart can take a life while severe work stress may cause a fewer risks.

High level of stress during sport events can be fatal
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The foundation also reported that heart attack survivors who live on their own as well as persons experiencing tremendous stress brought about by natural catastrophes or sport events have increased risks of stroke.

Furthermore, abrupt emotional stress due to loss of a loved one could activate a deadly response called broken heart syndrome. However, the link between job stress and heart disease is restricted.

The study also cited that during the 1996 European football championship quarter-final, Dutch men had higher chances of dying from heart attack as the Netherlands closely lost to France.

'Awareness of the potential for increased cardiovascular risk among populations exposed to natural disasters and other conditions of extreme stress may be useful for emergency services' response planning,' says Professor James Tatoulis, Chief Medical Adviser at the Heart Foundation.

Source: Sky News Australia