Head of MN Services Quits

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Head of International Real Estate at MN Services Richard van Ovost is leaving the Dutch pension scheme administrator and asset management company after eight years of service.

MN said van Ovost had chosen to follow further opportunities and expressed their gratitude for his dedication. A representative of the company also announced that there is no substitute for him yet but director of asset management at MN Hein Brans will take over for the time being.

Van Ovost is taking his time off at the moment and has yet to issue a statement.

In 2005, then 43-year-old Van Ovost began his work with MN. Prior to his most recent job, he was a director of investments at CBRE and ahead of portfolio management at Altera Vastgoed.

MN manages assets of over €90 billion for pension finances in the Netherlands and the UK.

Source: IPE