Hotline Summer Heat

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Most of the employers take no additional measures during extreme heat at the workplace. This says FNV on Thursday based on the initial results of the Hotline Summer Heat (Zomerhitte).

The union opened two weeks ago a hotline where employees can complain about high temperatures at their workplace. Meanwhile, a questionnaire was completed by 612 people. Of those, 61 percent indicated that their employer has done nothing against the extreme heat

Nine out of 10 who filled out the form, suffered from physical injury after working in the heat, mainly loss of concentration, itching or cramping in the muscles. 48 People even reported that they had fainted and 15 people filled out that they had received a heat stroke which required hospitalization. Other complaints were mainly headaches and migraines, dizziness, shortness of breath and excessive sweating.

Slightly less than 40 percent of employers did take measures against the hot weather. Unfortunately not always effective, says FNV. 22 Percent of the respondents said that the boss provided 'extra drinks'.

In nearly 5 percent of the cases were extra breaks inserted by the employer or was an air conditioning installed.

Most reports came from the public sector, including health care. Other branches where people had to work under hot conditions were retail, metal and engineering, and process and food industries. About half of the respondents were union members.

FNV keeps the Hotline Summer Heat in the air till at least the end of August. The union wants to use the information from the complaints in consultation with employers to improve working conditions.