Free West Papua Campaign in NL

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The Free West Papua Campaign, headed by exiled West Papuan Independence leader Benny Wenda, is set to open its new headquarters in the Netherlands.

Free West Papua Campaign has recently opened an office in Oxford, England.

Indonesian Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa expressed his distress over the British government for its supposedly reluctance to carry out measures against the Campaign.

Free West Papua Campaign in Oxford, England
Photo by Thom Chandler/flickr

The Campaign’s Oditek Ap announced The Hague office will open on August 15, commemorating the 51st anniversary of the New York Agreement between the Netherlands and Indonesia when the power over the former Dutch New Guinea was given up.

“It is our task to inform the youth in the Netherlands about their own history, about our history, the West Papuan story, by opening an office so that people will know that there is an office where we can get more information about the situation in West Papua and about why the people in West Papua are struggling for freedom.”

Source: Islands Business