Assessing Attention Levels of Spectators

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Researchers at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI) in Amsterdam and Falmouth University in the UK have formulated a new technique to measure the feedback of audiences.

Through skin conductivity sensors, attention levels and emotional response of a theater play audience were gauged. The findings of the experiment are significant in monitoring communication between performers and their online viewers.

Photo by John Steven Fernandez/flickr

A watcher of a live web show or lecture is often difficult for presenters to check due to the remoteness. A latest method developed by computer scientists at CWI and creative arts researchers at Falmouth University hopes to arrive at this level of social interaction using sensor information.

In the trial, the researchers used sensors measuring skin conductance to gather information of 15 people watching a live theatrical play at the same time.

The result showed that skin conductance data is a practical alternative to gauge audience responses. Last month, the outcome of the study won a Best Paper Award during the European Interactive TV Conference in Como, Italy.

Source: CWI