Not All Paintings Art Heist Burned

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Three of the seven famous paintings, which were stolen from the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, were burned, says the leader of the Romanian researchers, Gheorghe Niculescu, who investigated  the whereabouts of the art works. “We have found convincing evidence that three paintings were destroyed by fire,” Niculescu said on Monday about the police investigation.

Niculesco could not say yet which three works were destroyed by fire. He leads the scientific team that investigates the ashes from the stove of Olga Dogaru, the mother of the main suspect in the theft. Last week she confessed that she burned the paintings in her stove after her son and his accomplices were not able to sell the paintings.

On the same day that the investigators come with the news about the burned paintings, Olga Dogaru has withdrawn her previous confession. “I have not burned any paintings,” she should have told a judge according to the Romanian press bureau Mediafax. If this is official is not yet known and also her motives to withdraw the previous confession are not known.