Vitamin D’s Important Role in Old Age

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For older people, a daily dose of Vitamin D can be beneficial in maintaining a fit and active lifestyle and in preventing physical problems.

According to researchers, older people with vitamin D deficiencies will have more difficulty in their activities of daily living, including climbing the stairs or dressing. The study found that about 90 per cent of older people suffer from vitamin D deficiency.

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Specialists say an intake of a Vitamin D pill could increase levels, helping people to become energetic and independent.

Vitamin D is a hormone produced in the skin through sunlight and is necessary to keep bones healthy. 90 per cent of vitamin D comes from the rays of the sun. People with deficiency may experience bone problems and fatigue. Symptoms of mild deficiency include general pain while severe deficiency usually accompanies fragile bones.

Pregnant women, children below 5 years of age, people at 65 or older, and those with limited or zero sun exposure are often at risk. Scientists are now encouraging regular sun exposure.