Christian Group Hosts iftar Feast for Muslims

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On Tuesday, the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) party in the Netherlands gathered with Muslims to break the fast together.

This yearly occasion has been held for the past ten years. Iftar is the meal eaten by Muslims after sunset during Ramadan. In Rotterdam, one fourth of the 600,000 residents are Muslims.

Common iftar Dish
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Rotterdam deputy mayor Hugo de Jonge and Turkish politicians were present at the event, which is now considered a tradition, according to de Jonge.

De Jonge said he was pleased to be with Muslims and he has high appreciation for Ramadan. He also said the holy month serves as a personal reminder to assess one's own self. Rotterdam City Council member Muzaffer Cetin said the occasion was significant.

The Christian Democratic Appeal is a Christian-democratic political party in the Netherlands founded in 1977.

Source: World Bulletin