More Drugs Related Incidents

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Last year more incidents related to drugs were recorded, according to figures, published by the Trimbos Institute on Tuesday. Trimbos also points out, that a more active registration can explain part of the increase.

The use of ecstasy (xtc) leads most often to problems. When during major events, problems with drugs were reported, it was 61 percent about the use of ecstasy. In 2009 this was 39 percent. Also at the emergency rooms of hospitals, (from 3 to 11 percent), or at police doctors the proportion of people who came in trouble by xtc increased.

Ecstasy can cause serious health problems, including heart palpitations and hyperthermia. This is an uncontrolled rise in body temperature that can be life threatening.

Three dead

Last year three people died in the Netherlands as a direct result of the use of ecstasy. This year there are probably two cases so far. Toxicological studies must still determine whether ecstasy was the cause of death in these two cases.

In 2009 ecstasy users were only in 7 percent of cases, moderate or severe under the influence of the drug. Last year that rose to almost 20 percent, signaled the institute.

The study also shows that it is mainly men between 19 and 24 years that end up at an aid station. The youngest patient was a toddler of two who had been drinking GHB that was standing on the table.

According to a spokeswoman of the Dutch Red Cross, in recent years the training of first-aiders has more emphasis on dealing with alcohol and drug related incidents. Also event organizers ask the first aiders increasingly to be well prepared for this kind of problem.

In the run up to the festival season the Trimbos Institute warns for high-dose pills that are circulating more and more, and pointed out that the users no longer just have to watch for contaminated pills only.