First Carrier Neutral Data Center in Nigeria

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Netherlands-based IT solutions company and data center operator Venema Advies announced that it will be constructing the first carrier-neutral data center in Nigeria.

Ogun State, Nigeria
Melvin "Buddy" Baker/Wikimedia Commons

The construction of the new data center has started with the assistance from ICTroom. Venema Advies CEO Dick Venema told the Nigeria Guardian that so far, many of Nigeria’s data center infrastructures are located outside Nigeria because of apprehensions on the power condition; however, Venema has ensured sufficient power to guarantee daily operations.

The company has secured 7.5MW of power capacity for the new center in Agbara, Ogun State, which is projected to become the most contemporary data center put up in Nigeria and the largest one in Africa with a total capacity of 5,000 sq m.

It can be expanded up to 25kW per rack and it will be accessible with independent blocks of over 1,000 sq m, including financial services, banking, trade and healthcare sectors, and government.