Warm During Vierdaagse

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The participants in the 97th edition of the Vierdaagse will face this year, in addition to the considerable distances they have to walk, another obstacle. During the coming days the temperature is probably going to be  26 or 27 degrees.

Participants of the Vierdaagse, which will start on Tuesday July 16, are advised to drink extra. Sun burn is also very likely so a good sun protection is  advised. Because during the night the temperature can drop to 15 degrees, late night partiers are advised to bring a sweater.

The first night of the Vierdaagse Parties (Vierdaagsefeesten) on Saturday went well. According to the police it was 'buzzing' in Nijmegen. Only eight people were arrested. Six revelers were arrested for fighting in the market square and at the station. The other two arrests were related to shoplifting and drunkenness.

“An opening like an opening is supposed to be,” said the organization of Vierdaagsefeesten about the first night. The initiators counted about 158,000 visitors.