Two Men Ready for Amazon Challenge

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Mark de Rond of the Netherlands and Anton Wright of Britain will row the Amazon for six weeks in September.

The 2,200-mile challenge will begin in Nauta, Peru on September 1 and will end in Macapa, Brazil.

Amazon Rainforest, near Manaus, the capital of the Brazilian state of Amazonas
Pic by Neil Palmer (CIAT)

"People have kayaked it, walked it, swum it, but never rowed it, so I thought that's me, then," Wright told Reuters in an interview.

The two men will have to pass through Peru, the Colombian border, and the Brazilian rain forest, their safety at risk with dangerous animals and bandits in the areas. They will need enough food, medicine, and water supply on board a small boat set with solar panels for communication, safety and navigation devices. They will also need to stop at riverside villages to stock and refill goods.

The goal of this Amazon challenge is to raise money for the Leonard Cheshire Disability, a charity which aids disabled people.

Source: Reuters