Dead Wolf Luttelgeest

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The dead wolf which was found in Luttelgeest, is probably a joke and left there  by Eastern Europeans. That says fauna manager Nettie van den Belt of Fauna Management Flevoland.

According to Van den Belt jokes with dead animals occur more often. “About two or three years ago we got a notification that a seal was found. Which also appeared to be deposited by a fisherman as a joke.”

Around Luttelgeest many Eastern Europeans work in the greenhouses and the wildlife manager thinks that they have left behind the dead wolf on the road

Van den Belt does not think that Dutch people made this joke. “After all how would they get a wolf?” said the wildlife manager.


According to van den Belt, it is very unlikely that the wolf has come of his own to Luttelgeest. Wolves are shy animals, and the environment of Luttelgeest is too busy for them. In addition, a wolf never strays so far away from his pack. In the stomach of the wolf the remains of a beaver was found. “Beavers don’t live in this region,” says van den Belt.

She also doesn’t think that the wolf was hit by a car or truck. “We have received no notification that a large animal was hit and the body of the wolf did not show any internal damage.”