World’s Shortest Work Weeks

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Netherlands is among the nations with the shortest work weeks, according to CNN Money.

Netherlands has an average of 29 working hours per week and an average annual income amounting to $47,000. The country normally has a four-day work week, particularly with working mothers.


In 2012, an estimate 86% of mothers with jobs worked 34 hours or less each week, based on the Dutch government statistics. On the other hand, about 12% of employed fathers experience a shortened workweek.

Dutch laws encourage a balance between personal life and work and it also looks after part-time employees. Every worker is entitled to fully paid vacation days as well as maternity and paternity leave. Employees have the privilege to lessen their hours to part-time without having to lose their jobs. They continue to receive hourly pays, health care and other benefits.

In general, the labor force averages about 29 hours per week. OECD says this is the lowest average working hour per week in any developed country.

Other countries who made it to the list are Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Australia, and Italy.