AMSTERDAM RAI’s New Building

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Beginning in October, the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre will put up a new multipurpose building, according to Exhibition World.

BAM Utiliteitsbouw (BAM) and Kropman Installatietechniek (Kropman) will be in charge of the construction, It will be managed by project office Res & Smit. Contractor BAM will direct the construction while Kropman will take care of all the engineering work.

Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Elicium, IBC 2010
author: Adam Kliczek / Wikipedia, licence: CC-BY-SA-3.0

Amsterdam RAI’s Managing Director Hans Bakker said RAI Amtrium will be outstanding. Working with well-known companies, he said, can carry out their goals in a professional way.

The building is designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects. RAI’s latest building will be an addition to the Europa Hall, which just received a national monument nomination. The design will give RAI a contemporary look, with a clear view from the centre of Amsterdam.

The new building will open on May 2015 and is expected to draw more than 400,000 foreign visitors to Amsterdam this year, a remarkable increase of 30 percent in the last five years.