World Justice Forum in The Hague

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The Hauge will host the World Justice Forum from July 8 to July 11.

The event is a worldwide assembly which intends to improve the world’s condition by encouraging participation by the government, business sector, civil society, educational institutions, journalists and other leaders to set up useful programs to reinforce the rule of law.

The Hague, Netherlands
Tukka/Wikimedia Commons

The World Justice Forum includes plenary meetings, topical board deliberations and working sessions centered on collective learning and partnership. The issues to be tackled are ethical supply chains, access to health and information, new technology, collaboration, and economic crisis. It is also an opportunity for well-known leaders to look at concerns on important and urgent rule of law and discuss them through cooperation and action.

The World Justice Project selected The Hague as its host for its global recognition as the international city of peace and justice and the legal capital of the world.

Source: thepatrioticvanguard