Nicky Romero Headlines Festival

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Dutch DJ Nicky Romero is the main act at the sold-out Sensation Amsterdam festival this weekend.

Sensation has already invaded other countries like North America. Sensation Amsterdam sold out all 40,000 tickets in less than half a day.

Dutch DJ Nicky Romero
Cavare/Wikimedia Commons

Nicky Romero is one of the top performers on July 6. But for those who are unable to attend the festival, Romero and Mr. White will release a double-disc mix compilation ‘Sensation: Into The Wild’ shortly this week. This will include Romero’s record ‘Still the Same Man’ and Fedde Le Grande’s ‘Long Way From Home’ and Hard Rock Sofa’s ‘Rasputin.’ This mix will preview Dutch house EDM to be played in the event.

Romero is making waves in the music world.  His song with Avicii, “I Could Be The One,” topped the UK charts. Rihanna and David Guetta’s “Right Now,” which he co-produced, is all over the radio.