Wild Chase Successful

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The police has arrested four suspects of a burglary on Sunday in Amsterdam.The four men were suspects for a burglary that took place earlier on Sunday evening in Rotterdam. The arrest was not an easy job for the police, who had to do a wild chase on the A20, A4, A12 and A2.

Around half past eight the police received a telephone tip that four suspiciously behaving men moved around a house in Hoogvliet. When officers arrived on the spot, the four went off in a car at high speed.

During the chase they drove through the center of Bodegraven and the city of Utrecht. Eventually the getaway car ran off the road at the Sinderenstraat in Amsterdam Southeast. Then the policemen drove their car against the getaway car to prevent them from pulling away again. One of the suspects lost consciousness during the chase and was taken to a hospital. The other three were slightly injured.

The identity of the suspects is not yet known. They will be questioned on Monday in Rotterdam. It is also unclear what the four have stolen. "That will all become clear from the final police report," said a police spokesman. According to witnesses, the suspects threw during the chase stuff out of the car, but the spokesman could not confirm this on Sunday.


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