Documentary Film Portrays Euthanasia

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700,000 viewers tuned in to watch a documentary entitled “Moth” about a 26-year-old Dutch woman with a degenerative disease who chose to undergo euthanasia.


Priscilla Brouwer decided to end her life on her 26th birthday. She had suffered from a hereditary disease since she was 16. “I would like to get away from life happily. I prefer to leave it at age 26 rather than at 30 after years of suffering,” she said.

Brouwer‘s mother died from the same disease. In the film, she was euthanized during the terminal stage of the illness.  It also showed her last days, drinking, dancing, and celebrating at her farewell party in a nightclub, according to LifeSiteNews.

The film cited her belief to enjoy her last moments, “Tomorrow, cry; now, drink and celebrate.”

The film concluded with Brouwer dying in a hospice, with her family and friends present. At her funeral, people were dancing to club music.

The Dutch Association for Voluntary End of Life said the film is a learning medium. “Young people need to become more conscious of the possibility of euthanasia,” the group said.

“Opponents say: she was young, she could still walk and party, that it goes against God. The irony is that there is also the divine behind this,” Moth Director Peter Bosch explained.