Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Big Winner at 2013 New York Festivals

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Radio Netherlands Worldwide received an award at the this year’s New York Festivals International Radio Programs & Promos Awards, in honor of the World’s Best Radio Programs & Promos.

Dave Kleinschmidt/flick

Radio Netherlands Worldwide accepted one of the two Grand Trophies awarded by the Grand Jury. It earned the Grand Trophy for Best Coverage of an Ongoing News Story for the “Benghazi Blogger - The State We’re In.” It is a story about a blogger who published a picture of Gaddafi’s army at some point in Libya’s Arab Spring.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide Editor Greg Kelly said, “Winning the Grand Award is more than a professional honour. It represents international attention to the plight of 'Mohammed' and others like him, who've put their lives on the line to tell the truth to power. Elation isn't our primary feeling right now: its hope that 'Mohammed' will be able to live his life fully without fear of judgment, and in good health.”

The awards ceremony was held on June 17 at Manhattan Penthouse in New York City.