Netherlands Prohibits Beak Trimming in Layer Hens

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Netherlands bans the partial removal of the beak of poultry, specifically the layer hens, through the initiative of agricultural Minister Sharon Dijksma. This will be effective in September 2018, the poultry industry site worldpoultry announced.

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The ban was requested by two parties in the parliament. In 2015, it will be slowly implemented. Practices included in the prohibition starting in 2015 include removal of spurs in roosters for vaccines as well as broiler breeding sectors and cutting of combs in brown roosters used in layer breeding and vaccines.  Beginning in September 2012, removal of rear toes in roosters for broiler breeding will be forbidden.

Minister Dijksma believes that responsible poultry business should be practiced, without compromising animal welfare. She said there should be strategies to avoid future welfare problems in connection with the ban.

“More time is needed for practical research, knowledge distribution and developments to reduce the risks as much as possible,” she said. She will be appealing to the European Union in the adaptation of the ban in the rest of Europe.