VVD And PvdA At Minimum

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Since the elections of last year, the coalition partners VVD and PvdA have reached the minimum number of seats in parliament according to the poll of Maurice De Hond. When elections would be held at this moment, the two coalition partners would only have 40 seats together.

This weeks poll shows that VVD would loose one seat and would have a total of 22 seats, which are 19 seats less than they occupy now in the House.

The PvdA remains on 18 seats like in the poll of two weeks ago. 61 Percent of the PvdA voters agree with former PvdA minister Jan Pronk, that the party is distantiating itself from the social democratic principles. Jan Pronk, through the years a prominent of the party, announced last week that he would no longer wants to be a member of the party. 53 Percent of the PvdA voters thinks that this is a negative development for the party.

The SP wins one seat, according to the poll, and reaches a total of 23 seats, which means eight seats more than in the parliament at this moment. SGP increases from three to four seats. 50Plus looses one seat and should now have ten seats in the House, which is still eight seats more than they occupy now in parliament.