Visser and Severein Found Dead

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The missing volleyball player Ingrid Visser and her partner Lodewijk Severein have probably been killed because of a business conflict. Further, the Spanish police thinks that the couple have been killed in a flat in Molina de Segura, where they seemed to have stayed together with their killers.

In the flat, signs of violence have been found. De police emphasized however, that the theory so far is a hypothesis only. What the exact relationship was between the murdered couple and their killers is not yet known. But the police has no doubt about the fact that the Spanish suspect was an acquaintance of Visser and Severein.

The bodies have not yet been fully identified. The Dutch police has sent DNA samples to their Spanish colleagues, which will arrive in Spain on Tuesday. There is however little doubt that the found bodies are of Visser and Severein.

The police has announced that they have arrested one man from Spain and two from Romania. The 36-year-old Spanish suspect was arrested in Valencia end led the police to the bodies of Visser and Severein. The two Romanian suspects of 47 and 60 have also been arrested in Valencia. The three suspects have ties with the organized crime.

The bodies of Visser (35) and her partner, the business man Severein (47) were found on  late Sunday evening, east from Murcia. They were laying in an orchard near the village of Alquerias. The suspects must have known the remote and difficult to reach area very well, the police thinks.

The mayor of Alquerias, Francisco Zamora, says that the locals are shocked. The 7000 villagers have a special bond with the Netherlands since there is a camping place nearby where a lot of Dutch spend there holidays.

Visser and Severein often visited Murcia. Visser has lived in the town and played for the local volleyball team from 2009 till 2011. On May 14 they had a meeting at the fertility clinic. They have been there before and were known as a punctual couple. When they didn’t show up at the clinic on May 14, it was suspected that something bad had happened.