No Jinek On Sunday

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Eva Jinek will no longer present her program at WNL. Already in the coming weekend the presentation will be done by Janneke Willemse, assisted sometimes by Charles Groenhuijsen and on other occasions by Paul Jansen. This was made public by the broadcaster WNL on Thursday.

Jinek heard, on Thursday afternoon, that she didn’t have to go to the studio on Sunday, from chief editor Bert Huisjes. “This was quite sudden. At first I thought he made a joke,” told Jinek to Radio 1. She thinks that the worst thing is that she will now not be able to say goodbye to the viewers.

She had to say goodbye anyway soon, since she decided lately to start working, after the summer, for the ‘fusion broadcaster’ KRO-NCRV. There she will present a weekly talk show.

Until the summer recess, there were still five ‘Jinek on Sunday’ scheduled. The show was immediately renamed as ‘WNL on Sunday’.

‘When she resigned for the next season, we already told her that we might have a successor before the end of the season,” says director Robert Alblas.

The new presenters for the coming five shows and for the shows in the next season are Willemse (financial journalist), Groenhuijsen (former USA correspondent for the NOS) and Jansen (politics journalist for the Telegraaf).